With Dentures A New Smile Will Be Yours

by admin on March 27, 2012

Missing teeth can interfere with your self-confidence. You might be embarrassed to talk or smile because of the way your mouth looks and might even skip social events because of it. The good news is that with dentures a new smile can be yours. Once you get dentures, you’ll be able to get your self-confidence back and enjoy your appearance again.

Dentures are custom-made, removable teeth that you insert into your mouth when you get up every morning. There’s no one set of dentures that’ll work for everybody; your dentist takes an impression of the inside of your mouth and uses it to mold a set of dentures that will fit you perfectly. Once you put in your dentures, your friends and family shouldn’t be able to tell that you are wearing false teeth.

Some people are afraid to talk to their dentists about getting dentures because they think they won’t be able to talk properly with dentures in or that they won’t be able to eat. This usually doesn’t happen, however. If your custom dentures fit properly, you should be able to talk and eat just as well as you did when you had your real teeth. However, your mouth does have to get used to your dentures; during the first few weeks, you may experience soreness or irritation.

Most denture wearers eat whatever they like and enjoy increased self-confidence and self-esteem. So you’ll want to eat healthy foods just because you like how you look so much better. In addition, during the first two weeks you are wearing dentures, you’ll have to be careful of what you eat because your mouth isn’t used to the dentures yet. For the first week, eat only soft foods and cut them into small pieces so that you don’t irritate your mouth. After that, you can gradually add in other foods until you are eating your favorites again. Foods with hard shells or food that is particularly hot can bother your mouth or damage your dentures, and you should avoid chewing gum or using toothpicks while wearing dentures.

Now that you have your new smile, you’ll want to take proper care of it. Brush your dentures twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild detergent meant for dentures. Don’t use regular toothpaste, as this can damage dentures. When you get ready for bed each night, remove the dentures from your mouth and put them in denture cleanser to keep them moist. Never put dentures in hot water, as this can warp them, and never allow them to dry out, as this will cause them to lose their shape.

Your dentures should last for seven to ten years without needing to be replaced, but you should visit your dentist regularly to make sure the dentures still fit properly. If your dentures become loose or it’s hard to talk or eat with them, contact your dentist immediately so that they can be adjusted.

As soon as you get your dentures a new smile will start to burst through and you’ll feel more attractive and more self-confident. Soon you’ll be eager to display your dazzling white dentures and will be back to being the life of the party.


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